A simple maggot feeder rig has to be one of the most useful tools to have in your tackle box. The bait is relatively cheap and loved by anything with fins and you don’t need a lot of terminal tackle to do it! Follow this simple guide below and you wont be far away from bags of fish!

The Elasticated X-safe insert is a great way to fish that helps eliminate hook pulls, and has great self hooking properties.

The Feeder Bead is really useful when fixed rigs are banned and you need to quickly change hook links over in match situations.

Next up is your hooklink, This is a size 14 wide gape hook to six inches of 6lb line.
Hook bait wise I would latch what you are putting in your feeder, in this case its big red maggots! I put 4 on this hook to balance out the fake maggot and create an appetizing mouthful!
On the lake bed the maggots will start to crawl out of the feeder and surround your hookbait. The fake maggot being a slightly brighter colour will act like a sight stop for the fish to home in on and the neutral buoyancy of the hook will make it fly up into the fishes mouth very quickly.

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