The Magnitude reel range has been developed to cope with the vigorous demands of modern-day angling. Manufactured from the exceptionally high-grade materials, they are at home on commercials, rivers and natural venues when using mono or braided lines with wagglers or feeders.

There are three reels in the range; 320, 420, 520.

The 320 is perfect if you are holding the rod for long periods or if you are fishing a shorter rod. It is a small light reel that is perfectly suited to float fishing or using on shorter feeder rods.

The 420 is more of a general reel,If you are fishing commercial fisheries for F1s or Carp between 15m and 40m this is the reel for you!

Then there is the 520, this reel is perfect if you are fishing further out or if you are fishing a heavily stocked water where your reel is constantly working on reeling fish in.

There reels also have some fantastic features that make them a reel you should consider using.

Firstly the bail arm, this is the thickest bail arm Preston’s have made which means when you are packing your rods away with the reels attached you will have less change of damaging or bending it.
The front drag is very reliable and can be finely adjusted quickly and easily.
The Power Drive system which is built into the reel give great torque when winding fish in and is extremely reliable.
Each reel comes with two spools and The spools are manufactured from CNC machined aluminium and feature a dual line clip as standard, this makes fishing at multiple ranges effortless.
The super slow oscillation of the worm drive system allows for incredible winding power for the size of the body while delivered perfect line lay and no line twist. The 5.0:1 gear ratio is the perfect compromise between power and a fast retrieve making the reel perfect for high catch rate venues.
The reels have a soft touch rubber grip handle of ease of use and durability.
And cosmetically they certainly look the part finished with trademark Preston’s blue highlights and an all black body.

Prices for the reels are as follows-

320 – Β£109.99

420 – Β£114.99

520 – Β£119.99

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