I am not here to tell you all about a new thing or preach that I was doing it first! I just thought I would share with you how I go about getting the most I can out of my boilies. Now my way is a little more expensive and probably more like a recipe than a simple boosting process, …


Easily one of Jon’s most asked question in store is how to splice leader material. So here is a video tutorial on how he does it. It really is quite easy when you have the right tools…. and with a bit of practice you will be splicing like a pro!


Zig fishing at any time of year can be a real game changer as most of the time Carp are not on the bottom, they are in the warmer thermoclines when the water starts to cool down and they are closer to the surface when the sun is out. So at this time of year when the Carp are lining …


In this video we show you how to tie Jacks favourite rig. He has caught countless fish using this rig from venues near and far. A less cluttered rig then you normally see these days and one that should definitely be in your armory!


This is a very interesting little rig and its a modern take on an old school long shank rig. It is the perfect rig for fishing a pop up as low as possible which reacts extremely quickly and more importantly it is a break from the ronnie / spinner norm. The rig its self is set around two E-S-P components …


Some of my favourite fishing during the past few years was done at a very old proper English estate lake; Full of stories, wild tales and eerie gossips. The atmosphere at the lake was incredible. Whether that was because of the anticipation due to all of the stories or just the sheer beauty of the water when you were in …



I have scrolled the internet to find the easiest knot tying images I can find and put them all in one place….. (Your welcome)! Whether you are a carp angler, coarse angler or lure angler these will all be useful to you. So if you are struggling to tie a decent knot look no further! Image credit goes to


The Helicopter Rig

Personally I use the Heli-Rig for 90% of my fishing, partly down to the venues I fish but also for its sheer versatility and effectiveness. YES a lead clip is fantastic and is used by most anglers out there on a daily basis, but it does have its limits as we know. Firstly the Heli-Rig casts like a dream. As …