The Elasticated X-safe insert is a great way to fish that helps eliminate hook pulls, and has great self hooking properties. The Feeder Bead is really useful when fixed rigs are banned and you need to quickly change hook links over in match situations.

Summer method feeder set-up

This is my favourite go to rig when fishing through the summer months. It’s most effective when casting to an island margin or any feature out in the pond. This time of year 2mm pellets seem to work the best with an enhancer liquid which will help to draw the fish down through the water column. Sometimes mixing ground bait …



Pellet Cones in the smaller sizes can be a deadly edge in the colder weather because you leave a small mouthful of soft pellets right next to your high vis hook bait. This prevents you from over feeding and ensures your loose feed is always right on the money. It also allows you to change spots quickly if the bites …



I have scrolled the internet to find the easiest knot tying images I can find and put them all in one place….. (Your welcome)! Whether you are a carp angler, coarse angler or lure angler these will all be useful to you. So if you are struggling to tie a decent knot look no further! Image credit goes to

The Simple Knotless Knot Rig

As far as rigs go you can’t get much simpler than the Knotless Knot Rig. Its been used for decades to catch fish and top anglers are still using it every day to success. Its simplicity to tie, anti-tangle properties and effectiveness once on the lake / river bed make this rig a firm favorite for many anglers shying away …