If you have recently purchased a new lure fishing set up and need to put the braid on your reel, or maybe you have never done it before and need to replace the braid on your reel. Here is a simple handy guide to show you step by step instructions on how to do it! The good thing is that …


Fishing small and light for predators can be hugely satisfying especially if the bites are hard to come across with bigger lures. Pair up this fishing style with an ultra lightweight rod and small 1000 size reel and you will be smiling all day long, and if a bigger fish happens to come along then hold on because its about …


There are very few knots in fishing that send a shudder down my spine on a cold winters morning like the dropshot knot does. It is fiddly, tricky and i’m my opinion a complete pain is the rear. I used to get lazy and use the Palomar knot to tie up a dropshot rig, even though this knot is one …


In this short video Jon shows you how to tie up your own Texas rig. Perfect for snaggy and weedy venues when fishing for a whole host of different predator species. If you want more information on the Texas rig you can come in store and ask any questions you like!


4 ways to rig soft baits for lure fishing

Struggling to know how to rig up a soft bait? Or are you loosing lost of gear fishing the river? Well here is an easy guide showing you different ways to rig up your soft baits and where they are most effective! If you want to know more then leave a comment down below. Jig Heads Jig Heads are essentially …



I have scrolled the internet to find the easiest knot tying images I can find and put them all in one place….. (Your welcome)! Whether you are a carp angler, coarse angler or lure angler these will all be useful to you. So if you are struggling to tie a decent knot look no further! Image credit goes to www.anglersknots.com


perch fishing with the carolina rig on the river weaver

If you know Jon at all you will know that deep down he is really an American Bass angler. YES he loves his Carp fishing, but he adores ‘chucking’ some plastic for Perch. In the winter of 2018 he hit them quite hard, fishing different water ways hunting for an illusive specimen over the 3lb mark. Unfortunately it didn’t happen …