Quality own brand carp fishing products

We stock a full range of carp fishing baits under the HF Angling brand. This range has been created to offer our customers excellent value for money. You are not paying for expensive marketing costs which you may be doing with some of the “top brands” in the industry. You are simply paying for a high quality products that do what they are meant to do –Β  catch you more carp!

Food Boilie range

Our boilie range falls under the ‘Food’ branding. This is because our bait is simply very good ‘carp’ food presented in 3 different attraction packages.Β 

Supreme Marine – a fishmeal based boilie mixed including GLM, Squid & Krill attractors.Β 

Northern Plum – a nutty base mix including Garlic, Plum & Black Pepper attractors.

*Test Bait* we are currently working on a new spicey test bait due to be released to the public summer 2019.

We stock the boilies in both freezer and shelf life here in our store in Crewe and all come complete with wafters, pop-ups, liquids, paste’s, pellets, stick mix etc…

The Ones Range

A high attract range of pop-ups designed to not just smell mouth wateringly good, but to also present lots of different food signals that carp will respond to. The ‘Mulb’ flavoured pop-up has been our most successful flavour by far. It is available in:

  • 12mm washed out yellow
  • 14mm washed out yellow
  • 12mm washed out pink
  • 14mm washed out pink
  • 12mm washed out white
  • 14mm washed out white

The entire HF Angling team and a wide range of customers have experienced overwhelming success using this pop-up in the North West and Abroad. We are proud to put our name on such brilliant product.

Pellets & Particle

We stock a full range of over 20 different products in 1kg bags. Again representing excellent value for money. Why pay for the cost of advertising when you can have a full kilogram of the same product at a reduced price?

This range includes Trout Pellets, Coarse Pellets, White Breadcrumb & Brown Breadcrumb. With uncooked particles also available such as Tiger Nuts, TK Conditioner, Maples, Hemp, Maize, Buckwheat, Groats and Chopped Peanuts.

We also offer a full range of cooked particle’s. It is absolutely vital that particle baits are prepared properly, not only to ensure you get the most attraction from every single seed, but also for fish safety. So let us take the hassle away and do it for you!